Employment Opportunities - Sharpe's Department Stores

Employment Opportunities

We set a level playing field and back away. Every manager is given a chance to largely control those things upon which their compensation is based. Therefore, pay is primarily performance- oriented. Profitable business units mean a higher salary. This is a chance for each manager to exercise dominion over your financial future. A full benefits package is available, including health insurance and 401K. We at Sharpe’s are constantly searching for women and men who are hard-working and goal-oriented to become members of our management team. If you want to have more control over your financial future as one of our associates, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to having qualified candidates join the Sharpe’s family. You may also email resumes to the one of the operations managers below.

Grayson Schuering: Grayson@sharpeclothing.com

John Hatler: John@sharpeclothing.com

Aaron Brinsfield: Aaron@sharpeclothing.com

If you are interested in working as a floor clerk at a given store location, please contact the manager of that location directly for application information. Thank you.